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Terms & Conditions

Services provided by Settled Sleepers are subject to the Terms & Conditions outlined in this document. These come into force at the time of booking our service and signing our terms document. A signed copy of the Terms & Conditions must be received before work can commence.

1. Payment
The full cost of the service requested is payable in advance of the agreed consultation date in order to secure your booking. All fees are non-refundable from the onset of the initial consultation. Settled Sleepers are under no obligation to refund consultation costs if the client chooses to terminate the working relationship after receiving an initial consultation. 

2. Cancellation/re-scheduling appointments
(a) Cancellation terms

Full Refund - A full refund will be given if more than 48 hours notice has been given from the date of your initial

If less than 48 hours notice from the date of your initial consultation has been given, 50% of the total fee will be charged.

Cancellations on the day are non-refundable.

(b) Re-scheduling terms

With two days notice (48 hours) or more, you are entitled to re-schedule your initial consultation at no extra cost.  


3. Sleep Logs and Plans
It is vital that the sleep log is received 24 hours prior to your initial consultation to be able to provide a full service. Failure to contact us or provide these documents will delay your consultation. The support package you choose will begin on the initial consultation date. The sleep plan will be emailed to you within two working days of the consultation. 

4. Ongoing Support
Settled Sleepers are available within the designated WhatsApp Group/Email to answer any questions and provide support during the hours of 8am – 8pm. We will always endeavour to respond to questions as quickly as possible however due to other professional and personal commitments please be aware that there is a maximum time frame of 24 hours for responding.

5. Sleep Support Outcomes
Our sleep suggestions and techniques are aimed at developing and supporting lifelong healthy sleep habits by providing evidence-based advice for sleep and routine. Our focus will be on building gentle routines using a holistic approach that seeks to support the entire family.


Our goal is to understand your families needs and put into place a plan that supports this.


We are trained, Certified/accredited Level 4 Child Sleep Consultants however, we are not medically trained and therefore will not make any medical diagnoses. However, we can support the identification of sleep disorders and suggest when medical support may be necessary. 


We will try to ensure your child is aware of your support and your presence at all times, we believe caregivers should be on hand to comfort their child and provide an emotionally appropriate response to their needs. With this said, it is impossible to guarantee your child will not get upset, however we seek to ensure there is as minimal distress as possible. 

Before starting sleep training, parents should ensure their child is healthy, please check with your GP or health visitor if you are unsure.

Please ensure you have a quiet and stable period in which to implement any suggested sleep plan; continuity, stability and persistence are important. 

Our work focuses on and responds to the uniqueness of each child, parent and family and their situation; sleep issues are investigated, assessed and analysed accordingly. Therefore, your sleep plan is developed specifically for your use only. We ask that you do not share details of your plan on social media networks.

We cannot guarantee a ‘perfect sleeper’, or a child that sleeps through the night but we aim to work with you to bring about positive change in your child’s sleep.


Refunds will not be given based on results.

6. Safe Sleep
Settled Sleepers recommends ALL clients follow safe sleep advice as outlined by the Lullaby Trust. We do not recommend or support parents who go against SIDS advice and any client choosing to do that does so at their own risk entirely.

7. Confidentiality & Safeguarding

All discussions which take place between the client and Settled Sleepers are confidential and will not be shared.

Settled Sleepers will not share any information with a third party without the client’s permission.

If Settled Sleepers believes there is an issue of child welfare, or that a client is a danger to themselves or others this information may need to be passed on to an appropriate source - this will always be discussed with the client first.


8. Disclaimer
Information, guidance and techniques provided within Settled Sleepers packages are for educational purposes only. Information given as part of Sleep Support Plans are Settled Sleepers suggestions and recommendations. The information provided by us in any of our services is not a substitute for proper medical advice. If in doubt, please consult your doctor or a licensed medical practitioner.

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